The Top 3 eSports Documentaries

Documentary, as the name implies, are films produced with the intention of being an audio-visual documentation of a concept or event.

A documentary film is intended to be much more like a piece of journalism than a piece of entertainment or expressive art. There is typically a voice-over narrative going on throughout a documentary film with the narrator describing what’s being seen in a business-like way without any dramatic reading. Sometimes documentaries can be just as entertaining as a comedy, or just as heart-breaking as a drama.

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Top 3 eSports Documentaries
Here is the first installment of top 3 eSports documentaries to check out when you’re up for something other than an hour and a half of Hollywood fluff:

1. “Great Games” by Team Razer

Group Razor Presents: “Great Games”, the conclusive sports documentary. It’s the general close down for those players who know they’ve been beaten in the hardest mental field of cutting edge gaming: sports. “Great Games” takes after 3 of the most surely understood sports today – StarCraft, Dote 2 and League of Legends – bringing the history and the general population of the freshest brandishing wilderness into core interest.

2. “Free to Play” (DOTA 2)

“Free to Play” is a full length documentary that takes after three expert gamers from around the globe as they go after a million dollar prize in the main Dote 2 International Tournament. As of late, E Sports has surged in ubiquity to wind up a standout amongst the most broadly honed types of competitive game today. A million dollar competition changed the scene of the gaming scene and for those tip top players at the highest point of their art; nothing could ever be the same again. Created by Valve, the film reports the difficulties and sacrifices required of players to contend at the most elevated amount

3. “The Celebrity Millionaires of Competitive Gaming”

Today, there are more individuals on the planet who play League of Legends than there are individuals who live in France. We needed to peer inside this quickly growing universe of competitive gaming, so VICE host Matt Shea travelled to South Korea, a country where supposed “sports” can either make you rich and well known or land you in recovery.