What is eSports?

Esports simply put is competitive video gaming. However, in reality esports is much bigger and more competitive than one might imagine. In fact, gaming has become so popular that kids who are exceptionally good are signing sponsorships deals, and earning millions of dollars.

When the word esports is uttered, those who may not know better might assume someone is talking solely about video games mimicking sports. However, esports potentially refers to any game that can be played competitively. Although some games are better suited for competitive plays. Esports is also not limited to one game counsel, although PC and xbox games are some of the most popular.

Top Earning Esports Games

Players earn money and sponsorship by ranking in the top places in esports tournaments. Dota 2, a multiplayer online battle arena game, has given over 10 million dollars in prize money so far this year. Counter-strike: Global Offense, a first-person shooter game, follows that with having awarding about 9 million in prize money. Halo 5: Guardians, League of Legends, and Heroes Of The Storm, have earned players over 2 million in prize money. These five games are only a small sample of games that host tournaments in which players compete for money, and status. The lowest earning game is Reflex, awarding only 37 dollars.

How Esports Tournaments Work

Tournaments are considered to be the “backbone” of esports. They allow players to earn a name for themselves, and if someone is good enough to become a professional gamer they can live off tournament earnings. There are a variety of tournaments, ranging from local to international tournaments. Tournaments also attract many sponsors, because so many people are a part of esports. In 2014, the League of Legends World Championship attracted 27 million viewers, and that was just the viewers, not the actual players.

Ways To Be Involved In eSports

The most obvious way to become involved in esports, is to play the games. While playing in professional tournaments is the way to earn money, prestige, and sponsorships, eports also hosts tournaments for amateurs. However, playing esports is not the only way to feel involved. Esports has essentially created a community of gamers, and they host their tournaments over Twitch Channels. This allows anyone to watch and be a part of the tournament. Esports reaches over 70 million people worldwide, the majority of the demographic being young males. Being involved in esports can raises self-esteem, teaches teamwork, and allows players to meet and play with new people.

The internet is not the only way esports reaches its community. ESPN has also occasionally aired tournaments, although it isn’t as popular as online streaming. Some countries such South Korea and the United Kingdom have built esports stadiums. Esports has also adopted a typical sport tradition: gambling. A company called Unikrn, allows people to place bets against the house, and participants can only bet on the outcome of a single match. However, people living in the United States cannot take part in this, as online gambling is illegal in the U.S.


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