Secrets and Strategies of Esports Betting

Secrets and Strategies of Esports Betting

Technically, esports betting is not too different from betting in other sports or events. You register on a special website, donate certain sum of money on your virtual wallet and then make a bet for a suitable match you choose.

Betting websites are simple and clear, so it won’t take you long to deal with their functioning. Nevertheless, there are many features, secrets and hidden riffs that may prevent you from getting richer or satisfied.

Beloved Team or Favorite Player Bets

It is a frequently met delusion among both beginners and experienced betters: to bet on a team of players they know personally, make friends with, or earned money previously. And if a betting coefficient is for them, it seems to be a guaranteed profit. But betting on your favorites because you’re sure they win is completely different from betting on them because they’re your friends or you just like their logo. As in many other cases, emotions will rather be harmful than helpful when it comes to betting on any esports event.

Betting Without Necessary Experience

You won’t want to become a passenger of an inexperienced driver or to trust your life to a first-year medic student, would you? So why do you thing betting on a game you never heard about before to be a good idea? Do you know nothing about “Counter Strike”, heard something about “DotA 2”, finished the singleplayer campaign in “StarCraft” and want to bet on something? You better bet on the last title: at least, you know something about how that game works.

Empty Talks about Betting

As only you start reading senseless forum comments on betting from numerous “Internet experts” and “home specialists”, you lose control upon your behavior. People who know where they can hitch a jackpot just make bets silently. All the rest means empty words not worth listening to them. The “absolutely trustable” information about match fixing goes the same way. Players who actually want to fix some games will keep silent about that.

Maximum Information before Betting

Before you decide to bet your money on this or that game, don’t be too lazy to learn basis. What factors to review when betting on “DotA 2”? How old are members of this or that team? Does the player exercise? How does he look? Another helpful information source will appear if you learn statistics analysis of wins and losses for players or teams, maps of matches. What is even better for you is to have a small personal experience as a pro player. The more information you have, the more accurate your bet will be.

Have a Rest Between Betting

That’s an obvious tip you shouldn’t underestimate. At the certain stage, after a chain of wins or losses, human brain starts losing its criticism. It will seem that you’ll win after a lose streak or you’ll feel yourself undefeatable. At the moment when such thoughts start appearing in your head, when you start speaking of yourself as of the “lucky guy” and thinking of signs and superstitions, it’s time to stop. Esports betting means heavy intellectual efforts requiring clear mind. Don’t worry, your game is about to come, and there is no “Miss Fortune” at all.

Watch Numbers!

There is a stable and popular delusion about the only reliable strategy to win on esports betting is to make many bets on one or many games. Nevertheless, booking business professionals say it is better to deal with no more than four bets at a time. A bug number of bets quickly kill critical perception ability in your brain. As a result, a too excited person has no wins and no money.  

What’s That Booking Company?

Choose the booking company to make bets with carefully. Esports gain popularity quickly, but frauds come along with them. The cleverest of them usually publish some kind of statistics difficult to understand and using special definitions, blind betters with high coefficients and tempting bonuses. Try to find the license of the chosen company: it should be placed directly on the website. Additionally, pay attention if more or less known payment systems cooperate with your bookers obligatory.

Don’t Bet All You Have

Seriously, there are life situations when the game just refuses to “go”. You could fail to count something, make wrong conclusions… Players are not perfect, too: someone’s hand got hurt; someone started playing the game after a breakup with a girlfriend without mood, etc. If you feel yourself trapped in an unlucky chain or not having “your day”, maybe it is time to make a break in betting. All in all, your good mood is an important factor here, too.

Best Interactions between TV and Esports

It lived exclusively in the Internet for a while but success and incomes completely changed the game. Television is interested in esports industries but doesn’t know how to work with it most effectively yet. Let’s take a look onto the most interesting and remarkable interactions of esports and television.

Esports on TV

First Marks

Eastern countries were pioneers of esports topics adapted for TV’s. At early 2000’s WCG tournament series appeared on big TV-channels of South Korea. In Europe, serious esports broadcasts began in Sweden first. The TV6 channel regularly shows Stockholm DreamHack tournament events, CS:GO majors and The International.

It should be mentioned, that the initiative to do that was not their own: the contract between the provider and local government had the obligatory point to show the competition on local TV channels. The initiative was successful, and more than 100 DreamHack matches were shown since that time already.

Development of Esports on TV

In South Korea, USA, Sweden and China where virtual sports develop perfectly and use support of fans and governments, channels and TV-shows touching the topic are not rare. One of examples: esportsTV channel from ESL. The channel is available after the subscription for various digital platforms like: Skylink, Viasat, Canal Digital, etc. This allows it to appear on TV-screens of Baltic and Scandinavian countries, Africa, some European countries and the USA. Viewers can watch ESL One, IEM and Pro League tournaments.

Disney became one of the greatest “family” esports distributors. On channels like Disney XD, ABC and ESPN there appear broadcasts showing the Overwatch League, EVO series competitions, and Injustice 2 tournaments. Together with Nintendo, the corporation launched series of TV-shows devoted to Nintendo Switch family competitions where children and parents play Super Mario Odyssey and Just Dance 2018 together.

Thanks to the cooperation with ESL and Riot Games, the ESPN broadcasting network got expanded with matches of North American League Championship Series and ESL One, Pro League and IEM tournaments. One of the greatest Disney’s competitors, the Nickelodeon channel, added esports content to their assortment, too. They invested $15 million to develop the Super Gaming League for Minecraft and some other disciplines to broadcast matches on the TV-channel.

Negative cases exist, too. The Czech COOL channel decided to show all 84 matches of the DreamLeague season 2. But they failed to attract enough viewers and never came back to esports.

Esports and Television

What Can Prevent Esports from Development on TV?

Esports develop rapidly in terms of incomes and audience numbers. Still, these factors do not guarantee its success on TV channels. There are some reasons that might prevent it:

  • “Another” audience. Mostly, people who watch TV are at their 35 or older while esports are interesting for younger ones. Fans are used to search for interesting contents on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. They don’t have enough motivation to switch TV-sets on for that yet.
  • Different formats. People watching esports tournaments are used to the possibility to communicate with commentators and other viewers via chats. TV can’t offer such interaction with the audience. Many sponsors often provide giveaways on their steams (keys for unique skins, free games etc.). If there is a choice between watching a TV or a usual stream offering a reward, then the choice is obvious.
  • Match durations. In regular sports, match timings are strictly limited, so TV managers can organize broadcasts precisely enough. DotA 2 matches last for 40-50 minutes but can last longer. So, even a bo3 matchup is extremely difficult to be timed. Additional difficulty is that many channels have to show ads during certain periods. Ads in the middle of an esports match won’t help the channel increase ratings.
  • Age ratings. Scenes from some games like DOOM or Counter Strike can’t be shown during any TV-time due to age restrictions. Gamers know many different stories about videogames causing violence and cruelty. So the appearance of such contents on TV-screens can cause even more noise and unexpected consequences.
  • Staff. On the TV, there often are people who are busy with esports but don’t really understand the topic. This causes a bad and biased approach towards video games.

Esports Development

Esports successfully develop without television, too. Appearance on TV screens can increase its reputation just as the adding of virtual sports into the program of Olympic Games. It is not as important for esports as for the other side.

Nevertheless, this acceptance will help attracting new people with professional skills and fresh ideas into the industry. Maybe this will take some more years to try, but the result can have positive effects for both esports and television.